About Us

About Helites College

We are a middle-level institution of higher learning dedicated to excellence in serving the
educational needs of the society. Our aim is to provide dynamic, innovative and competent
professionals to meet the current and emerging needs in the society.
We have been in existence since 2005 providing specialized group trainings, workshops and
formal education for artisan, certificate and diploma courses in East Africa for all
nationalities in fields like ICT, health, business, education and social sciences.
At our college, students are guaranteed quality education through a dedicated administration
and qualified experienced lecturers. We offer quality education commensurate with the
students’ value for their monetary investment and dedication of their time to improve their
status of education and standards of living. Our focus is to enhance academic excellence and
produce competent, skilled and innovative workers to steer development in the society.
Helites College offers competitive market driven courses in our four schools: school of ICT,
school of business, school of social sciences and school of education. Our programmes are
accredited by national and international examination bodies including JP-UK, ABMA, ICM-
UK, KASNEB, KNEC, NASCOP and ICDL among others.
We provide the best learning facilities with up-to- date computer centre, library (virtual and
physical) and adoption of distance, online, weekend, evening and full-time mode of learning
to accommodate various educational needs of our students. Besides, we have centres within
East Africa to effectively and efficiently serve our clients.

We Believe

Everyone is entitled to quality affordable education that respects individual’s dignity,
integrity and nurtures the environment
A literate society is vital to the development of the world

Technology is a vital too in enhancing provision of quality education through ease of
acquiring and sharing information in a click

Why We are the Best.

1. Helites College is duly registered by relevant authorities in Kenya to operate as an
institution of higher learning and is legally existence in Kenya is recognizable
2. We offer clean, safe and modern learning facilities to promote swift learning processes
3. We offer various learning programmes e.g. diploma, certificates and short-courses
4. Our training materials are thoroughly vetted and students sit for external examinations
hence they get recognized certificates upon completion of their studies
5. We offer varying modes of learning including fulltime on-campus, evening, weekends and
online distance learning to cater for various educational demands and needs for our students.
6. Our fee structure is subsidized to all students and can be paid in full or installments