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March 2019 Examination Timetable Dear Students, kindly find a tentative timetable for March 2019 examination period. You can report any case to the whatsapp group or our email if you need any change in the arrangement of the units or if there is a crash. Dates: Monday 25th – Friday 29th March 2019 Venue: Jumbek Women Union Hall,… Read More »

10 Study Habits of Successful Online Students

1 TAKE UP BEDTIME STUDYING Rather than catching up Facebook or other social media, take time to review your study notes about an upcoming test. Recent studies have shown that our brains are good at retaining information we take in just before resting. 2 BREAK UP MARATHON STUDY SESSIONS Instead of spending 10 straight hours cramming for that… Read More »


Dear Prospective Student, Kindly click the blue words to download the application form attached here Helites College Application Form Fill it using Microsoft Office Word format and save it with your name and the course you want to pursue Send it to: or Wait for one week to get our response. Thanks