Certificate in Computer Applications (Computer Packages)

Computer is an electronic device that process, manipulates and stores data or information for
various purposes. It is an instrument that has revolutionized the world and made the world a
small city accessible within a click.
Computers are indispensable in the modern environment. Every day, we use computer or
programmed electronic equipment e.g. laptops, calculators, phones, fridges, electronic dolls and
toys among others. Today, knowing how computers operate is mandatory to everyone and we are
pleased to offer the course to our esteemed learners.

Targets for this Course
This course is best for students, civil servants, pupils, young and old generation and anybody
who wish to be effective in his or her day to day business. Computers help to quicken our
productivity, improve performance and facilitate efficiency and effectiveness in our activities.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, the grandaunts will have gained skill, knowledge and experience:
a) To explain the different components of a computer system
b) To be able to set up and operate a computer
c) To apply basic security measures when using the computer

d) To use computer for data management, communication, networking, training, computation
and designing of various products

Job Prospects
At the end of the course, the grandaunts can get jobs in the following fields:
i) Work or be employed as secretaries, computer assistants or trainers
ii) Self-employment by starting his or her own cyber or computer centre to train or offer various
computer products and services

iii) Design of brochures, newspapers, headed papers, business cards, typing of various letters,
designing logos, creating simple websites or blogs, writing articles, making PowerPoint
presentations, balancing of business accounts etc

Course Structure
This course is structured in terms of units. For the student to graduate, he or she must have
completed the following units within three months.

Course Units
1. Introduction to Computer
2. Introduction to Windows
3. Microsoft Office Word
4. Microsoft Office Excel
5. Microsoft Office PowerPoint
6. Microsoft Office Publisher
7. Microsoft Office Access
8. Microsoft Office Outlook & Internet
9. Computer Maintenance and Repairs

Course Duration:
This course takes 3 months of full studies

Examining Body:
The course structure, study materials, past papers, continuous assessment tests and final
qualifying examination are provided by Helites College. This is a nationally recognized college
that administer examinations and certificates of completion and graduation for a number of

Fees and Application
KCSE D minus or any diploma or degree from a recognized institution or KCPE

How to Apply
Come physically to our college and register or

i) Download the application form, click the arrow or blue words ……………………
ii) Fill the form.
iii) Save it with your full name and course e.g. Mary John Application Computers
iv) Send the filled form to: humanitarianelites@gmail.com
iv) Write the subject of the email: Certificate in Computer Applications
v) Wait for your admission letter
vi) Pay full amount or first instalment
vii) Start receiving learning materials (online) or attend lessons (on-campus)