Message from the Principal

Welcome to Helites College
Education is a basic human right, a tool used to improve performance in our day to day activities; a mean
to satisfy desires, bring peace, sustainability and increased capacity to respond to the shocks of life.
Helites College is proud to be among nationally recognized institution of higher learning certified and
legalized to offer diploma and certificate courses to students across the globe. We are the best in our
fields offering competitive courses through our skilled and experienced lecturers to impart knowledge,
equip with skills and enable students gain experience to perform best in their workplace.
We have customized our trainings and learning programmes to suit the various competing demands of our learners hence we have adopted a variety of modes of learning including online, paper-based distancelearning, evening classes, morning classes and school-based/holiday sessions. We believe that every
individual has a right to quality and affordable education to aid in his or her personal development.
We a glad to have you in our college and we promise to offer the best skills, knowledge and experience
that will set you apart, unique and attractive in the job market. Our main aim is to impart knowledge for
all our students to be managers in their workplace. We train grandaunts to be self-employed either in an
employed workplace or in their self-employment initiative. We counsel our graduates to be
interdependent with the community they serve, to be problem solvers or solution seekers and to be the
boss in their industries.
It is through your cooperation, hard work and our efforts to move forward. We are happy that you have
chosen Helites College and we promise to satisfy your educational needs. Believe it; we are a partner inyour education. We are here to help you reach your target.
Gachuku Njuki John (BSC Env.H, MPH, Dip HIV,CPA II)