School of Information Technology


SN Course Exam Body Duration Fee (Ksh)
1. Certificate in Computer Applications

(9  packages)

Helites 3 Months Ksh 4000
2. Certificate in Computer Statistician

(SPSS, STATA, Epi Info)

Helites 1 Month Ksh 5000 each
3 Certificate in Computerized Accounting

(QuickBooks, Tally, Sage/Pastel)

Helites 2 Weeks Kshs 5000 each
4. Certificate in Computerized Typing Helites 3 Weeks Kshs 2000
5. Website Design and Development

(HTMLY, Joomla, Adobe Fireworks)

Helites 3 Weeks Kshs 5000 each
6. International Computer Driving License

(Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)

ICDL Dip-12 Months

Cert-6 Months

Kshs 4000 per month